People behind the Festival

Our Festival committee is made up of a passionate bunch volunteers from around the Limestone Coast of South Australia. We are a non-profit organisation that rely on the support of our Partners, Friends and volunteers to make this great event happen each May.

Many long hours and hard work goes into creating our Festival each year. We are always looking for fun, creative, people to join!

If you are interested, please contact us:

Rhett McDonald – Chairperson
Helen Edwards – Secretary
Angela Foster – Treasurer

Committee Members Amelia Balnaves, Cate Bell, Kristen Bence, Nicole Lear, Jen McCulloch, Jamie McDonald, Sally McDonald, Jill Mooney, Katie Moorhouse, Peter Muller, Catherine Robinson, Cathy Schmidt, Kat Searcy, Michelle Stehbens, Simon Weston, Steve Chapple (WRC), Tari Wagland

Family program
Nicole Lear – Co-ordinator

Music program
Peter Muller – Co-Opera co-ordinator
Simon Weston – Shenanigans Co-ordinator
Tari Wagland – Busker Co-ordinator

Opening Night / JSN & Design competition
Kristen Bence – Co-ordinator
Amelia Balnaves
Rhett McDonald

Marketing team
Katie Moorhouse – Marketing & PR – Paperweight Communication
Rhett McDonald
Cate Bell – Designer and program, poster and promotion creation
Sally McDonald – Designer and website
Jen McCulloch – Social Media
Jamie McDonald – Online sales

Program creation team
Rhett McDonald
Helen Edwards
Cate Bell – Designer

Sponsorship team
Michelle Stehbens
Catherine Robinson
Jen McCulloch – Friends